Mountain Winery 2014 Concert Series

The Client: Golden Voice
The Project: Created artwork for the Mountain Winery 2014 Concert Series.  Implemented artwork into web and print media.

Project Overview:
Every year the Mountain Winery chooses one artist to create artwork that represents the entire years concert series.  In 2014 my work was selected.  Once the promoters discovered I have a background in graphic design they also hired me to create all the collateral design work.

Original artwork for the concert series created in ink.
mountain winery: illustrationPrints are now available!

Once the illustration was created I worked with Golden Voice to implement my design into posters and other forms of promotional materials.
mountain winery: posters & ads

I worked on several custom made graphics for the event, one of which was a puzzle.  1

One additional puzzle piece was shown each day over eight days.  On the final day the puzzle reveals all the details of this years concert series.

I recreated the puzzle for several social media websites including, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



The next challenge was to create “Website Take-Overs” for the La Times, San Jose Mercury and San Francisco Chronicle. A Webiste Take-Over uses all available ad space of the homepage. You can change the entire look of a website to match your brand and message.cutoutFINAL

Over the course of the next few months I worked with Golden Voice on creating several  graphics used for marketing and promotional materials.

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